A History of Tippy’s Tow Service


Tippy and Ron Ayala got their start in the towing industry in 1967. In 1983, Tippy and Gloria Ayala created their own company , and named it Tippy’s Towing of course. For over 55 years, The Ayala Family has been providing unmatched service in the towing industry for the City of Riverside, the Inland Empire, and throughout California.

Second Generation:

Ruben Ayala Jr was born into the towing world and grew up learning and working with his dad, Tippy in the family business. He started driving at 15 and a half years old and joined the family business full time after his baseball career came to an end in 1991. A couple of years later, Ruben took over the office operations before taking over all daily operations in 1993. Since then, Ruben’s wife, Diana, joined the team and took over all office operations matching the hard work and dedication instilled by Tippy and Ruben. Between Tippy and Ruben, they have almost 100 years of experience operating towing equipment.


Over the past few decades, the company has expanded from a “mom and pop” operation to a small but mighty, extremely well-respected company in the towing industry. The goal is to provide unmatched service for commercial and national accounts, local dealerships, collision centers, law enforcement agencies, and the world of Hot Rods.

Specialty and expertise:

Tippy was always a Hot Rod guy and was well known in the Riverside Hot Rod Community. The company was already towing hot rods and some exotic cars locally. Ruben had a desire and a plan to expand those markets. After years of marketing and putting the plan into action, Tippy’s started to become a company people considered when moving hot rods, custom cars, exotic, and expensive sports cars. In 2005, Boyd Coddington contacted the company about providing towing and transporting for the television show “American Hot Rod.” As soon as the episode aired with Tippy’s trucks, the company’s exposure and demand took off in the hot rod world. The normal for the company became trips to SEMA, Barrett Jackson, Mecum. and Carmel with some of the most bad ass cars in the world. After that, we provided transporting for other shows on the TLC and Discovery Channels like “Arrested Development” and “West Coast Customs.”

World Class Car builders like Hollywood Hot Rods and Rick Dore Customs began calling and it wasn’t long before we were towing “AMBR” and “Slonaker” award winning vehicles. World class musicians, actors, and athletes call us whenever they need something special and unique moved because we know how to handle special cargo.

Third Generation:

Ruben and Diana are still a major part of the company and oversee all daily operations with plans to focus primarily on high end vehicles, customs and hot rods. Their nephew, Nicholas and oldest daughter, Maya are partnering to take on the daily operations of the Ayala Family business. With the will to succeed and the hard work ethic established by the previous generations, I am confident they will continue to grow the business while keeping the service at the level that established us in this industry.