Our Work in the Community

My family’s roots in Riverside, CA goes back over 100 years. This community has been so vital to the success of our company and our family, we felt it was important to give back. We are involved in numerous non profit organizations and community events. Years ago, we formed our own non-profit organization, The Riverside Community Parks Association (RCPA).

RCPA is focused on providing youth programming for at risk communities. Some of those programs have included tutoring, parenting, and music programs at Riverside Community Centers. Our showcase programs include The Grupo Maya Ballet Folklorico Program that was continued as a successful program at the Riverside School of the Arts, and the Sandlot Baseball and Softball Camp.

We have partnered with such groups as the Riverside Police Foundation, City of Riverside, The Greater Riverside Chamber of Commerce. Riverside Fire Department, The Riverside Police Department, City of Riverside Parks and Recreation.

Some of the organizations we helped support include The Mission Inn Foundation, The Care Project, Latino Network, Riverside Sports Hall of Fame, North High School Baseball, Ramona High School Football and baseball, Fox Foundation, and Aiden’s Army, just to name a few.

It has been a lifelong passion for me and my family to help others and to support people in need, by identifying needs in our community and working to develop possible solutions that have positive impacts.

If you are in a position to help others and you choose not to, you are missing out on one of the pure joys in life.

Ruben Ayala

Community partners and recipients of sponsorships

Tippy’s partnering with Riverside Police Foundation for youth tennis and golf programs

Sandlot Camp

In partnership with RCPA non profit. Picture of RPD Chief Larry Gonzalez, Riverside City Councilmen Chuck Condor and Jim Perry, Ruben with Sheriff Chad Bianco, and Ruben with Riverside Mayor Patricia Lock Dawson.

‘Grupo Maya’ Ballet Folklorico Group

Under our non profit group Riverside Community Parks Association (RCPA).

Riverside Law Enforcement Appreciation Committee

Ramona High School Football